Title of piece: Solo
Medium: Acrylic paints on Bristol Board
Dimensions: 14 in. w x 11 in. h
Year created: 2022
Price: NFS (Not for Sale)
“Solo” was a piece made with acrylic paints on Bristol board. I incorporated some of Vincent Van Gogh’s art techniques into this piece. Van Gogh used oil on canvas or oil paints for his pieces, so I used acrylic paints since that is what I had at the time. He liked to use colored swirls as a background in certain paintings, so I tried to create that effect for the ocean background. Van Gogh thought it brought personal expression to life in his paintings. Another thing Van Gogh liked to do was Impasto which is brushstrokes of thickly laid-on paint, so I tried to add a little bit of that technique into my painting. He liked to paint things as he saw them through his eyes, mind, and heart. I thought I would try this technique out with something that I wanted to paint and had good images of in my mind. My idea ended up being a sea turtle since I love them so much and am fascinated by them.  
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