Title of piece: "Life as a Corporate Employee"
Medium: Digital (Adobe Premiere Pro)
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 FPS (Frames per second)
Year created: 2023
Price: NFS (Not for sale)
Filmed and Edited by: Zoe Harman & Jerize Bravo
Interviews by: Jose Cureno, Soleil Barron, and Clayson Fellner
This was a project that was assigned in my Digital Video Techniques course at Arizona State University. Students were to work in small groups (2-4 people) to create a short 3-6 minute documentary promoting an organization, person or persons, or a specific topic. As a group, we were to plan, shoot, and edit the documentary together. For this project, I worked in a group of two, myself and one other classmate. We divided the tasks equally and used Dropbox to collaborate.
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