Title of piece: Faces of Time
Medium: Acrylic paints on Bristol board
Dimensions: 24 7/16 in. w x 4 1/16 in. h
Year created: 2021
Price: NFS (Not for Sale)
“Faces of Time” was made with acrylic paints on Bristol paper. To make each image the same I used tracing paper. Each image is the same but in a different color scheme. The first image is a picture I found on the web printed in black and white. A monochromatic color scheme, followed by an analogous color scheme, a complementary color scheme, a triadic color scheme, and a tetradic color scheme make up the piece. I choose a simple image that would be somewhat easier to recreate in different color schemes. Having the same image in different color schemes gives the image a feeling of having different moods and vibes.
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